Hire Tom FOR


Firstly, you can't hire Tom to 'speak to' your team...

Instead, he works with them over a 2 hour, transformative, experience that unlocks a level of performance & productivity they didn't know existed.

With over a decade of experience, hundreds of hours of official training in advanced human behaviour modalities, thousands of hours of facilitation & presentation, and an untameable, unwavering energy, Tom has the ability to bring a truly unmatched experience to your team, regardless of whether it’s an intimate group, or a stage with hundreds. 

Contact us below to start building a custom experience for your team.

Speaking FAQs

What companies will Tom present for?

Almost any. Tom's worked in a range of industries from start up tech, to health & wellness, to construction and most industries in between. 

Here's the condition though...he'll only consider working with you if:

  • You genuinely want to make a positive difference in the world.
  • You genuinely care about your employees/team.
  • You and your team are open minded and ready to think, feel and lead differently.

Where in the world will Tom present?

If it's a good fit, you're happy to honour travel terms and Tom's inspired by the work, almost anywhere.

See our "Travel Terms" listed below.

What's the investment?

10,000AUD + travel terms.

*Pricing subject to change every 30 days. Pricing in accurate as of October 1st, 2023.

What are the 'travel terms'?

Travel arrangements that you'll need to organise that allows Tom to arrive at your venue fresh, energised and ready for peak performance. 

They're determined by the distance Tom has to travel.


Melbourne, AU only:
- 1 night accomodation within 20min drive from your venue.


Anywhere within a 4 hour flight from Melbourne Airport:
The above terms plus:

- Return economy flights with Virgin Australia. 
- Transfers (Uber) to and from Airports.  


Anywhere OVER 4 hours flight from Melbourne Airport:

-  The above terms plus;
- Business class flights with any airline. 
- An extra night accomodation (two nights total, one before and one after the event)