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10k+/month but still doesn’t feel any better?

Freedom, spare cash, peace, abundance.

👆🏼That’s what I THOUGHT I’d have when I entered the 10-20k/month realm…

Pressure. More financial obligations. Less time. Overwhelm. Responsibility I wasn’t ready for.

👆🏼That’s what I actually got.
And that’s what MOST get.


Because the 10-20k month range sits beautifully in between a ‘growth’ business and a ‘performance’ business.

A growth business is built through:

– Hustle/Grind/Work/‘Showing up’/Putting yourself out there.
– Attractive AF passion.
– Primary school, short-term strategy.
– Minimal/no systemisation.

This is far from an insult to growth businesses.
Most can’t cultivate the above, or worse, they try to be a ‘performance’ business too early, leading to them never even getting out of the ‘startup’ phase.

A performance business though, is built through;

– Extreme distillation & isolation of your magic.
– The Mind Reader Effect™ (being able to intimately speak to your audience)
– Moderate level, 5-10 year strategies.
– Soulflow Systems™ (giving you endless alignment, time, freedom and capacity to grow)

But you?
Right now?

You likely feel too big for ‘growth’ and too small for ‘performance’.


Choose one.
And I mean REALLY choose one.

If you want to remain a big fish in your comfortable little pond, continue as you are.

(But don’t complain about the inconsistent 10-20k and everything that comes with it).

But if you want expansion?
Where 30-50k months are the NORM?
Don’t flirt.

There’s no invite to come and ‘taste’ the arena.

You have to choose it. In every inch of your mind, body, heart and soul.

But when you do? And you do it properly?
Freedom. Spare cash. Peace. Abundance.

At least. That’s what it’s like for me & my clients.

– Tom

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