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Redefining Dream Client Attraction

I gotta voice this…

Last week I completely redefined this whole ‘dream client attraction’ thing.

Proof? Clients are attracting $10k-20k from their dream clients, DAYS after implementation.

And, they get to do so without ads, lame tactics, cold DMs or wavering from their authenticity.

Let’s look at HOW, but first, get some context….

It’s Day 1 of Exit The System.
We’re an hour in & I begin to see the ‘theme of the room’.
The one core, undeniable trend:

These guys are afraid to commit to what they really want.
Furthermore, they’re afraid to commit to WHO they really want.

They’re out there, enrolling clients that are a ‘yes’ for them.
These ‘yes’ clients don’t fully stimulate them.
They pay them poorly (at best) And, these ‘yes’ clients have the commitment levels of a New Year’s gym member.
(all talk, but really; fuck all).

When what they need to be doing, in order to normalise 30-50k months, is EXCLUSIVELY enrolling ‘full-body-FUCK-YES’ clients.

Clients that set their souls on fire.

But, they haven’t been doing this.
Because, as much as they hate to admit it, they’ve conditioned their nervous system to ‘take what they can get’.


Because they’ve tried to attract dream clients and… uhhh…. …their blank account’s not happy with how that’s working out (it’s failing).

So why does their ‘dream client attraction’ fail?

Because of something I call ‘Compounding Reflections’.
They attract ‘yes’ clients.

And guess who they get to know inside out? The ‘yes’ clients.
Guess who they then speak to when they create content?
Guess who that content attracts?
And now, guess who they create more content for?
The cycle compounds every time.
They get ‘better’ at ‘failing’ each time they run the cycle.

1. Break the pattern (Perfect Path Process™)

2. Get to know the pain, problem & ‘bridging’ process of your DREAM CLIENT inside out (the Mind Reader Effect™)

We can help you do both. And get you on the 30-50k a month path.

Consistently. Predictably. Authentically.

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