Author name: Dimity Clark

He tattooed my logo 🤯

Ken came to us as – respectfully – a scared, lost, confused, boy with no business, no direction and no purpose.

Through our work, we helped him build a multi-six figure company (reaching 120k in a month), transform his entire perspective of himself, completely redesign his health, and SEE the world in a completely different light.

Game Changing Mental Hacks. 

Truth is, most people get things right in business at a day-to-day micro level.

However, they come unstuck because their FUNDAMENTALS PARADIGMS are unsupportive of their outcomes.

After 12 years in business, I want to share with you 4 paradigms I choose to believe in.

There’s no evidence they’re “right”, but that’s beside the point. They’re useful, and they serve me, and they might serve you too.

How I built LONG TERM success

It took me 15 hunts until I successfully harvested my first Sambar Deer.

We then spent hours field dressing, transporting, dry aging & butchering every inch of meat.

Now, our freezers are filled with months of the best meat money can buy – Wild, ‘organic’, self-harvested game.