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The Compounding Clarity™ Process

If you run a business (especially if you’re in transition phases) I know your kryptonite.

There’s one thing that’ll slow you down,
paralyse you,
drain your bank account,
obliterate your self-worth,
and halt your outter world progress,
like nothing else.

And that, is a ‘lack of clarity’.

It can rear its ugly head in many forms:

“Who am I REALLY?”
“Who’s my audience, REALLY?”
“What do I REALLY do?”
“What’s my core offer?”
“Is this strategy really the way?”
“Is this REALLY my path?”

If versions of those questions, are still being asked,

Your traction & momentum is absolutely negligible, at best.

You can’t ruthlessly pursue your mission in a deep sea of fog,
nd you’d obviously be unwise to if you could.


However, there's a secret about 'clarity'...

Have you ever noticed, that your lack of clarity, compounds?

One moment you’re questioning an your offer…
Now you’re questioning your target audience,
Now you’re questioning your mission,
Now you’re questioning your true purpose…
(Now the fabric of your being?…)

This snowball LOVES momentum, doesn’t it?

However, there’s good news.
CLARITY loves to snowball just as much as a lack of clarity does.

So, there’s a TWO STEP exercise called ‘Compounding Clarity’ that my clients and I have being using, that obliterates the ‘fuck im lost’ snowball, and instead creates a new, crystal clear snowball made out of angel dust, pristine waters, rainbows and unicorn piss. You’ll love it.

Ready? Cool.

1. Get your journal out, and write down what you ARE clear on.

I’ve had moments where I’ve been super lost and its been as basic as:

  • “I’m clear I love my dog, he’s fucking amazing, and I know I love the shit out of him. It feels so good to be clear on this”

  • “I’m clear I love my wife, and I’m clear she’s my one, forever. That feels fucking great to be clear on”.

  • “I’m clear I love training. That feels great, solid & grounded.”

  • “I’m clear I’m a coach, and I’m clear I coach business leaders. That’s locked in. That’s solid”.

Keep writing until you’re done, and enjoy being clear on SOMETHING.

1. Keep writing until you’re done, then rewrite all the above later in the day, and LET (do not force) yourself add 1-2 things to the list. Repeat 2x a day, every day or until unicorns appear.

The result? Your list WILL slowly expand each day, and you’ll have your new snowball.

Yep. It’s that simple.

AND, it works (if you do it 😉)

You’re welcome.

Send me a message within your results.

I’d love to know how this works for you 🤙🏼

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