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5 Business Predictions for 2024.

After a thorough analysis of the year, there’s a few 2024 predictions I gotta share with you that – if you implement & remain aware of them – could drastically determine your year ahead.
Let us know which one resonates, reminds or rattles you the most.
1. Long term, relationship-focused marketing will reign supreme again.

With the explosion of quick-win marketing, Hormozi style offers and AI over the last couple of years, it’s now become totally saturated again. Trust is at an all time low, and only genuine relationship building will solve it.
2. LEAN business owners (small teams, even solopreneurs) that are able to dial in INTIMACY and PRECISIONS with their audience, will continue to kick ass and threaten the behemoths.

Those that hire too early and drag around big teams and big overheads will lose the ability to pivot rapidly and repeatedly. They’ll lack agility. While also being unable to nestle into small, potent crevasses in the marketplace.
3. Longer form content will play a CRUCIAL roll again.

Most people will keep melting their brains by consuming endless TikTok style vids. AND, those incredibly serious about results in your sector, will be seeking DEPTH as it’s now become THE contrast to the noise.

4. HOW you RUN systems will become critical.

Thanks to AI, we’ll continue to see a RAPID development in software that allows us to systemise, schedule, plan and manage at an insane level. This’ll also lead to so much time wasting and unnecessary deployment of systems it’ll be Ludacris. Therefore, the question will become ‘how RELEVANT and how PURPOSEFUL can you be with the deployment of your systems (and the MANAGEMENT of those systems) to ensure that they DIRECTLY lead to the accomplishment of your mission?’

5. The loneliness and disconnection epidemic will continue to skyrocket.

And whether you’re selling health, business growth, relationships or anything in between, you’ll have an INSANE advantage if you’re able to pace, empathise with and address this issue within the context of your offer (eg, business growth COMMUNITY, creative COMMUNITY, fitness COMMUNITY… and if you can do it in person, even better).


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