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The Power Of An Indomitable Tribe

If you’re a change maker, a rule breaker, a soul awakener, then your mission is fucking gigantic.

If you’re not just in business to get someone to push out a few extra reps, take a few more conscious breaths, eat a little different, implement a new marketing strategy or buy a new gadget, but instead, like us, you’re in business to guide a particular group of individuals to completely shift the way they experience their LIFE…

Then let me tell you, your mission is gigantic. 

It’s gigantic because, among many things;

  • You’re are a disrupter of paradigms. 
  • You’re an innovator.
  • A pioneer. 
  • A trailblazer. 

And whether you’ve accepted this or not, this means you literally have the force of an entire industry, community, and society at large fighting against you, your belief systems and your worldview.

And any human-based system (even if only at an egoic level) will push back relentlessly against that which disrupts their ‘safety’, their ‘security’, their ‘normal’.

Therefore, the very NATURE OF YOUR MISSION…

will be absolutely, outrageously, relentlessly challenging.

With the magnitude of this mission, of course, there are countless processes and practices that’ll help your chances of success.

Arguably though, there’s a ‘secret weapon’ that holds power beyond all else. 

And that is the cultivation of a high-calibre, loving, savagely-committed TRIBE. 

We just ran our first ‘Awakening of Tribe’ gathering the other week.
We invited a bunch of clients out to a gorgeous, nature-bound location with no intention other than to simply gather as the human beings we are:

We ate delicious food.
We laughed.
We cried.
We had some of the most profound, most meaningful conversations of our lives.
We had some of the most hilarious, meaningless conversations of our lives.
We blasted music that awakened our souls.
And we sat around dazzling campfires under star-lit skies until the early morning hours, like we – the primitive humans we are – were designed to.

Throughout this experience, everyone realised (among many other things) something beautiful:

Every single one of us – no matter how it may look online, no matter how much ‘work’ we’ve done – have our own shit, our own fuckups, our own insecurities and our own human desires.

And after not just intellectually ‘knowing’ this, but experiencing this at the deepest level, a sense of peace, hope and profound realisation that everything will work out and that we may just accomplish our mission – washed over the entire tribe.

As well as that, an infinite power washed over us all.

Because we realised that we’re not fighting this war alone. We’re doing it with an army of savages behind us.

So this whole ‘tribe’ thing…
This whole ‘community’ and ‘collaboration’ thing (that I’ve been on & off resisting for 5-7 years) isn’t just ‘fun’; it isn’t just ‘nice to have’.

It’s arguably essential.
And to not have 30-50 people in your corner backing you all the way, is kind of doing the mission you apparently care so deeply about – a disservice.

Find your tribe (probs’ not the one you were born into).
Set impeccable standards for it.
And nourish, polish & honour it like the beautiful gem it is.

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