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Escaping Stagnancy: Embracing The Roller Coaster Of True Fulfilment

If you’re in a moment of stagnancy, know that it is only ever obliterated by outrageous levels of ‘all in’ dreaming and action.

There are many challenges that you’re going to face within your business. It’s inevitable. It is part of the nature of the business that you signed up for.

If you’re a true game changer, then the very nature of your mission is going to be extremely challenging.

However, there’s varying degrees of pain and tolerability to different types of challenges. And the challenge of ‘stagnancy’ is arguably the worst fucking challenge that you can possibly have.

The reason for this is because it eats away at your self-worth. Every day becomes groundhog day:

  • You try to ‘make things happen’
  • You deal with the same staff challenges
  • You get rejected by more leads
  • You have cash flow after cashflow challenge
  • You fight with your partner (due to your own stress levels)
  • You wallow in your internal emptiness, despite the success you’ve created.

This reality… is fucking soul destroying.

So do you know what’s so much better than that? Being outrageously out of your depth, being on the brink of being broke, having no idea how you’re going to make it work, completely throwing yourself off a cliff and committing to building wings on the way down.

What’s so much more tolerable than stagnancy is going all in at a level that you have no fucking clue how it’s going to work out, but you’re actually listening to yourself and you are actually proud of yourself and you are actually staring the man or the woman in the mirror at night and looking back and you’re fucking proud. That is a lot more tolerable. Thann stagnancy.

So here’s the thing. I want you to think about where you’re at right now, and I want you to ask yourself what level of challenge are you having? Because if you are having the wildest challenge ever, but it’s aligned, it will feel like a fucking rollercoaster and there will be this undercurrent, this true undercurrent of fulfillment behind what you’re doing, this true undercurrent of almost like a bit of a laugh off, right? There’s almost like a bit of a laughter in this undercurrent of emotion that you’re feeling.

But if you’re stagnant, the undercurrent is dread. If you are stagnant, the undercurrent is guilt. The undercurrent is shame because again, you’re not proud and respectfully, there’s not a reason to be.

So if you’re in that place of stagnancy where you don’t have an undercurrent of feeling like you’re on a fucking rollercoaster and an undercurrent of fulfillment and pride and peace and all the rest of it, if you’ve got that undercurrent of guilt and all the rest of it, then I’ll be real with you. I’ll be real with you.

You’re not giving yourself permission to dream. You’re not giving yourself permission to ask and permission to receive. And that’s the core fucking problem.

You’re not. You’re not playing all in. You’re playing all in on a defensive level. You’re playing all in defending yourself. You’re playing all in on getting yourself out of this muck that you’re in. You’re playing all in. I’m figuring it out, but you’re not fucking playing all in offensively. You’re not going out there and hunting with the sociability of a fucking lion. You’re not going all in on your dream, your desire, your vision, your sound dream. You’re not all in on that just yet. And it’s all right. It’s okay. I’ve been there too many fucking times, way too many fucking times.

So there’s no shame in being there. But the question is, do you really want to still have that challenge six months from now? Because if not, I promise you, my friend, there is some fucking jumping that needs to occur, right? There is a level of courage that you need to cultivate deep within you and you need to really check in and really ask yourself what is it you should really be doing right now and what’s an action that you can take towards doing that immediately, like yesterday. Right.

And this is this is honestly part of why our one on one clients and our hiring clients grow so insanely fucking fast is because in order for them to work with us, we need to say on every level that they are insatiably working towards their outcomes and they are on a roller coaster ride. It shouldn’t be comfortable, it should be “Holy fuck, I have no idea how I’m going to make this happen and this scares the fuck out of me, but I know in my bones it’s exactly what I need to do.

And when we get a client on that journey and we get a client in that place, a really beautiful thing starts to happen since they are so fucking proud of themselves, since they are so aligned to what it is that they’re doing. And since they are living so insatiably from their heart, they become magnetic, they become incredibly magnetic, and everybody around them is attracted to that. And the universe as a whole seems to just work in their favor. It’s just what seems to happen and then they start to notice that things start to become very effortless for them and things start to work their way out. Things start to just make sense for them.

I invite you to ask yourself what challenge are you choosing? And to also realize there is a choice and maybe it’s time you choose a different one.


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