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How I built LONG TERM success

12 years I’ve been in business, and I’m pretty damn proud of that.

There have been cool wins along the way, but I’m mostly proud of the fact I’ve been able to create ‘compounding interest’ from all my years in business.


Things just get easier in a lot of ways.

Anyway, here’s a passage I wrote about the OVERARCHING MINDSET that I believe has helped me achieve most of my success.


It took me 15 hunts until I successfully harvested my first Sambar Deer.

We then spent hours field dressing, transporting, dry aging & butchering every inch of meat.

Now, our freezers are filled with months of the best meat money can buy – Wild, ‘organic’, self-harvested game.

I could have gone ‘shooting’ & ‘got meat’ earlier.
But I decided to ‘hunt’.

There’s a difference, IYKYK.

And of course, the meat tastes better this way.
This effort: reward dynamic isn’t foreign to me.
I just applied the processes I use to grow businesses, to hunting.

1. I let go of how long it takes.

“Right, let’s deposit some more hours into the mountain.” <— me, daily.
Because I believe there’s an irrefutable law: If you keep showing up for your desire, with a half-decent technique, it can’t NOT pay off.

‘When’ is not always up to you. But it will. It must.

2. ‘This is the fucking work, Sonnnnnn’

I barely managed to say, as I’m drenched with sweat, sleep deprived, legs and feet destroyed, halfway up an absolutely fucked mountain in god knows where.

Honoured to BE in the arena.
Honoured to be doing the HARD work.
Honoured and appreciative every single time to BE hunting,
not necessarily having huntED.

Most underappreciate the PROCESS.
They fail to fall in love with it.
And when it gets hard?
They turn toxic, piss and moan, and take the easy game trail back home.

3. Mentors.

They know the mountains.
They know the animals.

You do not.
Therefore, they’re invaluable.
There’s ZERO pride in doing things solo.

That’s called arrogance, and it either stops you from going to the real edges of the earth or, gets you killed.

4. Humbled by giants.

I’m an absolute NOVICE hunter. And compared to the giants I hang with & the mentors I recruit? I’m an absolute novice business owner too.

The game is endless, and I’m here to move through every stage of it.
I’m going to NZ this year to hunt Tahr in Lord-Of-The-Rings-type mountains.

At times, it’s going to be absolutely fucked.

But I’ll put the relentless work in, recruit the mentors, let the universe set the speed, and eventually, inevitably, someday…

I’ll get it done.

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