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Game Changing Mental Hacks. 

Truth is, most people get things right in business at a day-to-day micro level.

However, they come unstuck because their FUNDAMENTALS PARADIGMS are unsupportive of their outcomes.

After 12 years in business, I want to share with you 4 paradigms I choose to believe in.

There’s no evidence they’re “right”, but that’s beside the point. They’re useful, and they serve me, and they might serve you too.

Try it out 😉


1. “Life’s a game.” 

Train your character, build your resources, and do the missions. But remember; it’s a game. Laugh when you fuck up & your character gets knocked the fuck out.

If you don’t, you’re not playing the game, the game is playing you.

This doesn’t mean don’t focus & fully immerse yourself in the mission, but it does mean that the purpose of the game is to ‘play’ it. 

(I had some clients running a 7 figure company adopt this concept HARD. They’re carrying on about elders & powers & all sorts of shit in World of WarCraft.

I have no idea what they’re talking about, but… it’s hilarious and it works – they’re printing cash😉)

2. ‘Maktub’ (thanks Paulo Chelo)

Translation: “It is written.”

I choose to believe that the realm where my mission has been accomplished, already exists. And arriving there? It’s inevitable. It’s written. It’s done. I just follow the path. Enjoy its beauty. Grit my teeth when the terrain is tough.

And inevitably, I arrive where I was always destined to.

3. “Does this add to the fulfilment of the mission?”

I see EVERYTHING in business through this lens.

This decade, we’re helping 500 savages create strong, fortified, sovereign companies that generate high 6-7 figures. As well as that, we’re turning 10 pioneering companies into globally transformative, 8-figure behemoths.

That’s the mission. That’s all that matters (in business).

I only have so much time, so I only choose the side missions, the development & the learnings that most potently support the actualisation of that mission. Period.

Sometimes opportunities come in ways you don’t expect. So remain open.

But if it doesn’t serve the mission? Not interested.

4. If I floated over my funeral, would I be proud?

This keeps me grounded & ensures I’m nourishing all the areas of my Nexus: Lifestyle. Relationships. Mission. Health.

Your empire will mean fuck all if you never brought presence and connection to your relationships.

Your relationships will mean fuck all if you die with all your potential locked within.

When you float over your funeral, you’ll see what really matters, and what was a complete waste of your time. 


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