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What will you be remembered for?

Saber tooth tigers snarl through the night.

Bloodthirsty wolves howl as they gather their pack, tasting humans in the air.

The wind of deafening blizzards gushes through a valley.

Women and children scream with unfathomable despair as they’re killed, raped and pillaged.

The relentless, treacherous seas bust through wooden boats that never see land.

Legs are severed from mines in wars, and spirits are crippled through great depressions.

At least, that’s what our ancestors fought through. And through all of that, they loved us enough to protect us and our futures, at any cost.

And now as I sit here with my iPad,
in an air-conditioned cafe,
with a waitress brewing me espressos at 91ºc producing a 40g yield over 28 seconds…

I can’t help but ask myself:

What will I do, for MY bloodline?
What challenges am I happy to face?
What discomfort am I ready to embrace?
What DNA, legacy, position and character will I pass on?

If my great, great, great grandson is reflecting, will he see evidence that I too, worked for HIM?

Or will he be perplexed, riddled with confusion as to why I decided to whinge,  moan, complain, play small, and squander it all?

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