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From BROKEN to whole, to denial.

I remember the excruciating pain of building multiple 6 figure businesses and running them ‘successfully’ only to find I was fucking BROKEN inside 🙃

Emotionally disconnected, riddled with unresolved wounds and trauma, unknowingly BEGGING for a connection to spirit and my true Self.

The classic 1-dimensional business owner who chases success
and realises that success alone means NOTHING.

🍄👁️ Queue the healing phase👁️ 🍄

A bunch of plant medicine journeys, 6 DEEP personal development retreats, an 18m mentorship with an inner world expert, living in Bali, more emotional releases, breathwork and meditations than I can count and a HEAVY level of studying Jung, RA Johnson, Chek and a bunch of other true masters.

To put it simply, I felt whole again.
It was one of, if not the MOST powerful journeys I embarked on.

AND, I then entered the phase of denial.

Since ‘everything’s internal’ and we ‘create our reality’ and we ‘need to remain detached’ and our ‘outer world is our inner world’… I then denied myself something that almost all incredibly spiritually and emotionally focused individuals deny themselves:

I denied myself of desiring – quite beautifully materially – TO MAKE FUCKING BANK 💰💸🏦

Ohhhhh how I wanted it to fucking pour from the skies.

I share this because there are SO many beautiful individuals living life one week away from being BROKE AS FUCK, and, despite their affirmations and ‘detachment’ … they fucking hate it. There’s nothing spiritual, holy, humble or woke about this kind of self-denial and sabotage.

“Oh, but I’m in the season of….”
“Oh, but spirit is calling me to…”
“Oh, but I’m just healing ____ first.”

Look, I don’t know you.
So, maybe that’s true.
At times it certainly IS.

aaaand also…

Maybe the next phase in your spiritual and inner world journey,
Maybe the next ‘growth’ piece for you,
Maybe the next level of owning your shadow,
Maybe the next embodiment practice,
And maybe the next level of harnessing true self-worth and honour,

Is allowing yourself to TRULY, and relentlessly, create a physical world soaked with cash gushing from your pores, providing complete OUTER WORLD freedom, sovereignty, fortification and power?


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