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He tattooed my logo 🤯

About a year ago, a dear client of mine, Ken, rocked up to a call with,

‘So Tom… I did a thing…”
He rolled up his sleeve, and there’s my logo… tattooed on his forearm.

Still to this day, I’m taken back by the sentiment.

Ken came to us as – respectfully – a scared, lost, confused, boy with no business, no direction and no purpose.

Through our work, we helped him build a multi-six figure company (reaching 120k in a month), transform his entire perspective of himself, completely redesign his health, and SEE the world in a completely different light.

However, here’s the thing:

That wasn’t a fluke.

And it’s far from a one-off.
In fact, every single time I say ‘Welcome aboard’ to a new client,
I take that process so fucking seriously that I do absolutely everything within my power to provide that level of result as the STANDARD.

I will not have you at an immersion,
I will not have you as a legacy 1:1 client,
I will not have you in 1 Percenters…

…unless my intention and downright COMMITMENT, is to provide you with the experience, tools and resources needed to have a business and life transformation so profound, so deep, so generationally impacting, and so soul enriching that you’ll want to honour it every day for the rest of your life.

And if YOU want your business to be on the WORLD STAGE…
If YOU want to be so impactful that your clients call up their tattoo artist..
If YOU want to be pioneering your space & leading your industry…

Then your commitment to your skill, your service and ultimately, your clients – needs to be the same.

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